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Basic Medical Language, 3e

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Basic Medical Language, 3e

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Basic Medical Language, 3e La revue


Focused on the basic word analysis skills you need for medical terminology, Basic Medical Language, 3rd Edition includes a carefully selected group of suffixes, prefixes, and word roots to give you a foundation for recognizing and communicating medical terms. A combination of body system lessons, anatomy presentations, and introductions to word parts reinforce basic word building skills. Plus, you can take charge of your learning with the companion CD packaged with the text and an online audio program for additional practice.
  • Beginning with word parts and moving on to whole words, the systematic presentation equips you to recognize and define new words as you encounter them.
  • A variety of learning exercises tests your knowledge and provides instant feedback on your progress.
  • The Abbreviations tables include the most common medical abbreviations you’ll encounter in the healthcare setting.
  • Review sections within each lesson reinforce your learning.
  • Consistent organization and pacing of lessons steadily build your knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Coverage of every body system ensures you have all the basic medical terminology content you need.
  • FYI boxes include practical and interesting information to spark your curiosity.
  • Over 200 flash cards printed on card stock and bound with the book provide a portable way to study.
  • At-a-Glance sections provide a quick review to help you get the most out of each lesson.
  • New illustrations and diagnostic images show the latest developments in the clinical environment.
  • Exercises like Interact with Medical Documents and others help you understand and use terms with the documents you’ll use in practice.
  • Outline/Objectives highlight the most important information for each chapter.
  • Icons throughout the text direct you to the companion CD to enhance your learning experience.
  • Two new games, updated activities, and animations on the companion CD reinforce your learning and provide additional background for pathologies and procedures in the text.
  • The online audio program ensures proper pronunciation of terms.

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