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The Language of Medicine, Ninth Edition

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The Language of Medicine, Ninth Edition

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The Language of Medicine, Ninth Edition Info


The market-leader in medical terminology, Chabner’s popular, proven The Language of Medicine brings medical language to life and helps you develop the understanding to communicate fluently in the healthcare setting. Terms and complex medical processes are accessible and easy to understand at all learning levels with an approach that explains terms in the context of anatomy and physiology, as well as how the body works in health and disease. Organized by body system, this combined text/workbook details additional key areas of health care, such as cancer and psychiatry, and is accompanied by full-color illustrations, exercises, and unique supplemental resources that reinforce your comprehension and help you establish the practical foundation for a successful career in healthcare.

  • Clear, straightforward approach makes content easy to understand without any previous medical or scientific background.
  • Text/workbook combination facilitates valuable independent study opportunities through labeling exercises, pronunciation tests, and review sheets.
  • Practical case studies, vignettes, and exercises familiarize you with real-life applications of terminology.
  • Full-color images reinforce anatomical and pathophysiological terms.
  • Pronunciation of Terms list at the end of each chapter breaks down terms phonetically to help you master proper pronunciations.
  • Medical report exercises in each chapter utilize chart notes, histories, and reports to give you practice working with realistic documents.
  • Additional pathology photos clarify terminology and help you identify medical conditions you may encounter in practice.
  • Updated content reflects the latest advances in digestive system operative procedures, the human genome project, normal values for tests in practical applications, and muscle function.
  • The companion CD tests your ability to identify terms by their pronunciation and provides a fun, engaging way to review terms through games, study tips, photographs, video clips, and animations.
  • A companion Evolve website enables you to assess your understanding with quizzes for each chapter that provide immediate feedback to help you identify specific areas for review.

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