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Building a Medical Vocabulary

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Building a Medical Vocabulary

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Building a Medical Vocabulary Description


The completely revised New Edition of this easy-to-use text builds an in-depth understanding of the language of medicine. The interactive design uses a "programmed" approach to help readers quickly learn to recognize, use, and write thousands of medical terms after learning the meanings of just a few word parts. Features: * Covers basic concepts in anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and covers the basic vocabulary of each body system for a comprehensive overview of medical terminology. * Offers an IBM-compatible Windows-based software program that guides the reader through self-study exercises to review and reinforce the material in each chapter. * Lists selected terms in Spanish. An appendix provides English to Spanish, and Spanish to English translations. * Features all-new review sections at the end of each chapter full of crossword puzzles, labeling, writing terms, matching, and questions that test the reader's knowledge of pronunciation, spelling, and abbreviations. * Contains appendices with solutions to the review exercises as well as a listing of pharmacological terms, drugs and their uses, and much more. * Includes mini-reviews after each section within a chapter. * Delivers an easy-to-use style with a visually appealing layout and over 200 illustrations..

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