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Oral Development and Histology

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Oral Development and Histology

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Oral Development and Histology Description


Now in a revised and updated third edition, this classic text is the first student-oriented book on the important subject of oral development and histology. For the first time, full color illustrations and histologic radiographs are included to complement and support the expertly written text. The book covers the whole field of oral development and histology, addressing topics such as crown formation, root structures, wound healing, histology of oral mucosa and tonsils, and much more!

Special Features of the new third edition:

  • Color photographs and histologic images side-by-side with the text to enhance your understanding of the subject
  • "Clinical Applications" show you how to apply this valuable information, bridging the gap between basic science and clinical treatment
  • New chapters on molecular biology of tooth initiation, induction, enamel, as well as gerontology
  • Full coverage of the genetics of facial and dental formation and malformation syndromes
  • Review questions and self-contained study units in every chapter

Whether you are a student learning a new field or an experienced practitioner looking for a refresher, Oral Development and Histology, Third Edition is the most comprehensive book available in the field. Highly organized and designed, it will make your work easier and more rewarding!


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