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Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 4e

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Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 4e

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Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 4e Info


Quick, streamlined, and easy-to-use, Medical Terminology: A Short Course shows how to decipher the meanings of medical terms by breaking them down into smaller word parts. Chabner's proven method introduces words in the context of human anatomy, physiology and pathology so concepts are easier to grasp, while instilling the basics of suffixes, prefixes, and root words essential to developing a working medical vocabulary. Extensive hands-on practice, repetition, and case studies encourage students to learn by doing - writing terms, labeling diagrams, and completing exercises and review sheets. The book's selective content provides just the right amount of material for short medical terminology courses.
  • Self-teaching text/workbook format reinforces learning and builds confidence with pronunciation tests, diagram-labeling exercises, and review sheets.
  • Full-color drawings and photographs bring anatomy and pathophysiology terms to life.
  • Simple, clear, non-technical explanations of terms are easy to understand and require no previous background in medicine or science.
  • Case studies and vignettes use medical terms to show real-life applications of medical terms.
  • Appendices provide valuable reference information at the most basic level on supplemental topics such as anatomy of the body systems, drug classes, diagnostic tests and procedures, and abbreviations and symbols.
  • Interactive CD-ROM packaged with the book reinforces learning with additional exercises, a new image glossary, and an audio glossary.
  • More case studies and medical reports in the text and many more on CD-ROM provide a context for learning medical terms.
  • Medical Detective activity on the CD-ROM encourages readers to identify and correctly use medical terms within context of health care.
  • Additional new and updated pathology photographs illustrate common diseases and disorders.
  • The Spanish glossary contains new illustrations of the human body, including a full-body view and views of the skeletal, nervous reproductive, and endocrine systems - with labels in English and Spanish.
  • Medical Scramble exercises reinforce terms and make learning fun.
  • Picture Show exercises present an illustration and give the student the opportunity to apply knowledge to medical situations..

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