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Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry

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Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry

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Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry La revue


Dental implantology has seen a dramatic shift in the last decade for a variety of reasons including the incorporation of 3D tools for diagnosis and treatment planning, new implant surfaces and designs, bioactive materials, tissue engineering techniques, and minimally invasive surgical procedures. The combined effect of these innovations is a new paradigm of implant dentistry that is already changing the way clinicians treat edentulous patients and improving treatment options. Despite these advances within implantology, questions remain about many new techniques and developing technologies. This book focuses on the dynamic parts of this new paradigm that are still evolving the controversial topics that are still subject to debate and that directly affect daily clinical practice. The author asks pressing questions and provides sound assessments.


  1. What Is the Best Possible Implant When It Comes to Design and Surface? M. Sancho Puchades, R. Guijarro Martínez, F. Hernández Alfaro

  2. Short Implants . . . Short Life? M. Quevedo Pou, S. García González, O. Ortiz Puigpelat

  3. Is Socket Preservation Possible? V. Ruiz Magaz, E. Solans, T. Perez Pascual

  4. Immediate Implants: Are they Safe? J. Ortega Martinez, N. Oliveira, F. Hernández Alfaro

  5. Can I Rely on Software-Guided Surgery? A. Sicilia, A. Rodríguez, I. Cuesta

  6. Should We Really Care About Peri-Implantitis? Can it be Successfully Treated? P. Anguis Martín, S. Mareque Bueno, H. Campos Leitão

  7. Limitations of Guided Bone Regeneration J. Nart, A. Pascual La Rocca, H. Campos Leitão

  8. Biomaterials: Which to Use and When? A. Mañes Medina, E. Ferres Amat, E. Ferres Padró

  9. Atrophic Maxilla: To Use What Is Available or Reconstruct? J. Bertos, P. Altuna, J.M. Lluch, F. Hernández Alfaro

  10. Is There a Way to Successfully Manage the Posterior Atrophic Mandible? E. Salvan Garcia, V. Sanchez D Onofrio, J. Mareque Bueno, F. Hernández Alfaro

  11. Tissue Engineering: How Long Before Reality? P. Chatakun, M. Al Atari, F. Hernández Alfaro

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