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Mosby's Dental Dictionary, 3e

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Mosby's Dental Dictionary, 3e

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Mosby's Dental Dictionary, 3e Info


A handy reference ideal for the entire dental team, Mosby's Dental Dictionary, 3rd Edition defines over 10,000 terms covering all areas of dentistry. Definitions include specialties such as endodontics, periodontics, surgery, and commonly used medical terms. Pocket sized and easy to carry, this edition includes over 300 illustrations and addresses new innovations, research, technology, and products. Extensive appendices provide quick access to the information you use every day, and a new companion website offers audio pronunciations plus videos and animations.

"Being an A5 paperback, it is an excellent resource that can handily be carried around. I would highly recommend it to any student studying dentistry. It is also a good reference for other members of the dental team." Reviewed by: M. L. T. LO, Bristish Dental Journal, Date: Aug 2014

  • Over 300 illustrations clarify and enhance definitions.
  • Bolded pronunciations indicate terms you can hear on the companion website.
  • Practical appendices (in print and online) provide a reference to abbreviations, clinical oral structures, anesthesia color codes, implants, and more.
  • Colored thumb tabs make it easy to locate definitions quickly.
  • Portable size offers convenience as a chair-side or computer-side reference.
  • A flexible cover provides durability.
  • NEW illustrations include pathology, anatomy, dental materials, and radiology images, clarifying definitions and bringing terms to life.
  • NEW companion website includes over 5,000 audio pronunciations, an expanded image collection, and videos and animations.

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