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The Surgical Word Book

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The Surgical Word Book

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The Surgical Word Book La revue


This powerhouse of a reference book provides more than 150,000 properly spelled surgical terms to keep readers up to date with new procedures, new instrumentation, and new materials. Find spellings for operative positions, techniques, procedures, instruments, equipment, materials, incisions, sutures, key surgical phrases, as well as acronyms and abbreviations in this compact text. With over 275 important categories such as anesthetics, positions, sutures, procedures, prostheses, and abraders fully cross-referenced and sublisted, the 3rd edition is not only comprehensive, it's easier to use than ever.
  • Content organized by a by medical transcriptionist recognized as an expert in the field
  • Entries are listed in alphabetical order for quick access and easy use
  • Cross-indexing points to alternative spellings and uses
  • 45,000 new words
  • All material is up-to-date with current surgical practice, including new procedures, new instrumentation, and new materials.

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