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Physician's Drug Handbook

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Physician's Drug Handbook

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Physician's Drug Handbook Description


Physician's Drug Handbook features alphabetically organized monographs on over 900 generic and 2,000 trade name drugs. Each entry includes generic name, U.S. and Canadian trade names, pharmacologic class, therapeutic class, pregnancy risk category, controlled substance schedule (as needed), available forms, indications and dosages, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, route-onset-peak-duration tables, contraindications and cautions, interactions, adverse reactions, effects on lab test results, overdose and treatment, special considerations, and patient education.

The Twelfth Edition includes dozens of new drugs and new indications, and highlights rapid- and delayed-onset interactions that may be severe. Quick-reference appendices cover therapeutic drug monitoring guidelines, cytochrome P-450 enzymes and common drugs, herbal medicines, and more.


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